Coming to Figma from an Adobe Illustrator background, you’ve got a leg up. Lots of Illustrator shortcuts just work in Figma. Maybe I’ll write up a list of common shortcuts someday.

The Problem

But one thing I missed in Figma was the ability to switch to outline mode (Ctrl+Y in Illustrator) and easily select nested or obscured paths that couldn’t be accessed in regular, non-outline mode. Sure, Figma has an outline mode (Ctrl+Shift+3), but if you want to click and select an object that happens to be behind (that is, lower in the stack than) another object, you might think you’re just out of luck. In Figma, you can’t just click on a lower object even if you can see it in outline mode. I was under the mistaken impression that this made Figma’s outline mode a little bit of a tease. I could see the obscured objects, but I couldn’t select them.

The Solution

Well, it turns out you can. And pretty easily, too. You just need to use the Ctrl modifier key with a left mouse click.

An example might help.

For this example, let’s say I want to select the 4 key that’s obscured by an overlaid, fly-out menu.

And now, I’ll use the Ctrl modifier key while in outline mode to get a list of all the objects adjacent to my left mouse click.

Easy as pie. This little trick makes working in Figma so much nicer.